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Opportuna CA Limited

 Founded in 2016-

Thriving today and striving for tomorrow

“Opportuna” borrows “timely” from the Italian dictionary. As in life, the same holds true in business. That “timing is everything” and execution of strategy is meaningless without planning, timely action and interventions.

"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."- JFK

Mission By intimately knowing each of our client’s businesses, we draw on our collective suite of commercial and professional skills and experience, to offer tailored solutions and in so doing ensure that we equip our clients with the necessary toolkit so that they are empowered to take control of their businesses and realise their business dreams.

Vision Through having an experienced team with diverse, but complimentary commercial and professional skills, that regularly interacts with our clients and through building collaborative “partnerships” with our clients and other key service providers we provide our clients with a total engaged experience.  Providing them with the confidence and wrap around support to make sound business decisions ensuring that their businesses are sustainable, future-proofed and the best possible businesses that they can be.

Values Everything we do is predicated on trust! It is our currency and fundamental to every interaction we have with each other, our clients and other stakeholders. It is key to making sustainable and principled business decisions that collectively enhance, protect and benefit our firm, our client businesses and our wider stakeholder communities. We constantly strive to uphold the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and equal employment opportunities.

Our Team

Steve 3_edited.jpg

Stephen Hill

Director / CA

Experienced Financial Director CA, chartered governance professional and business mentor. He has a demonstrated history of working in commercial, banking, local government, direct and multi-leveraged marketing, education and business consulting industries.


A Finance professional with a bachelor’s degree focused in Accounting and Master’s Degree papers in Taxation. Skilled in negotiation, budgeting, business strategy & planning, customer service, and managerial finance.


Known in the Taranaki business industry for his happy nature and better than average ‘dad jokes’. Stephen takes a genuine interest in all his clients and goes the extra mile to help their business to succeed while remaining true to his core principles.

Email : Tel: 027 444 3733

Opportuna CA Limited

Our Passion

Great ideas, require great vision, backed up by mahi and a team able to execute. Since its inception in 2016 Opportuna CA has built the team that can support our clients on this hikoi/journey to success. Our team are chartered accounting & governance professionals and seasoned  business advisors and strategists. We listen to our clients and equip them with the tools to assist in building and implementing all aspects of their business roadmap to success. We recognise that successful businesses are built on people and a great culture, but that for all businesses to ultimately succeed, they must deliver customer value and a bottom-line result. Our team also understand that tried and tested adage, “Cash is King” and this is a key focus of our engagement with our clients. Opportuna CA’s extensive networks and key collaborations, enable it to deliver its clients a complete “wrap around” business solution, as they have always enjoyed.

Opportuna CA has been proud to mentor and sponsor local Taranaki entrepreneurs to success in local business start-up events such as “Idea Summit” and through Business Mentors NZ.

As we continue our hikoi as Opportuna CA Limited, we take pride in our roots, but with our future vision firmly fixed on helping our clients develop their roadmaps to success, as they say, “the rest follows …….”.  

If a roadmap to success is what your business is looking for, we would like to hear from you and journey with you, to be your support team. We know that reputations are not born, they’re earned! Our successful clients speak volumes for us!

"Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan. There is no other route to success."- Pablo Picasso

Rowing harder doesn't help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction. - Kenichi Ohmae


Our start-up company has been shaped and continues to evolve, thanks to Stephen’s timely and strategic thinking on opportunities, partnerships and thought processes to build our reputable brand and revenue streams.

Dan Le Breton

Business Owner

Natural Technologies Ltd

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